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Anaesthesia - now completly pain free

Quicksleeper S4 is an interesting new dental anaesthesia technique, of which patients and dentists could only dream – up until now. We are delighted to be among the first users of this highly modern and comfortable form of dental anaesthesia.

Quicksleeper S4 with it’s numerous advantages can be used for all dental procedures, enables us to anaesthetize a single tooth or several teeth with small amounts of anaesthetic serum. Numbness of lips, tongue or cheeks does not occur, only the tooth in question becomes completely sensation free.
The anaesthesia is completly pain free and immediate, there is no need to wait for numbness to set in. This reduces overall time spent by the patient in the dental chair.

Dr. Mohos attended an intensive training course in Zürich which enables him to apply this newest and most modern form of anaesthesia in dentistry, making traditional injections obsolete.

Our patients can immediately take advantage and avail of this new modern acquisition in our surgery.

Fear of injections is now, finally, a thing of the past.